I’m a pyromaniac, you’re my perfect match 
And sparks fell so fast you know we got
Both ends burning

Anonymous wondered:
yes hi i have a prompt could you maybe write something with kate/jess?? thanks omg also the selfcest fic was amazing great job


woah, hey thanks anon! and thanks for this prompt! i hope you meant kate bishop and jess drew bc that’s what’s in the drabble under the cut :) really fun pairing, i never thought to put together before! thank you!

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At the End of the World - a mix for Janet/Wanda.

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comics femslash — Raven Darkholme & Irene Adler (Mystique & Destiny)

Then let the future take care of itself. For the present, my love, Raven Darkholme and Irenie Adler have more important concerns.


regionsofkindness asked for



America & Kate

femslash february - mercury/x-23

Anonymous wondered:
Carol/Jess, in medical after one of them (your choice) gets hurt!


ooo! thank you for your prooompt! (anon you must be after my own heart, caroljess and medfet uwu mm yess) after yesterday with the sadfic i wanted to write something sweet and fun so that’s what you’ll find under the cut :) unbeta’d, but i did read through! thank you!

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Vodka Watermelon ~ Pacific Rim + Avengers AU fanmix for Natasha Romanova/Mako Mori

With art by jarvipie!  A bit of a crack pairing, we know, but who else could possibly be the perfect woman for Mako Mori?  No one.

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vienna teng stray italian greyhound  ida maria queen of the world  bomba estereo fuego  ms dynamite krazy krush  robyn cobrastyle  hot bitch arsenal the other end of galaxies  anna ternheim terrified  yeah yeah yeahs mystery girl  shiina ringo marunouchi sadistic  billie the vision & the dancers friday i’m in love  (bonus! debauche mamochka mama ~ russian lesbian song)