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She-Hulk #7

In which Hank Pym’s thoughts on Jen/Patsy shipping become canon.

madamemayorofloserville wondered:
It isn't your usual pairing, but would you consider writing a ficling about Pepper Potts and Natasha? :3


"I used to be blonde," Natasha tells her, and Pepper raises her eyebrows, runs her manicured nails through Natasha’s hair, which is very much red at the moment.

She examines the roots, which are the same red as the rest of her hair. “God. How often do you dye it?”

"A woman never reveals her secrets," Natasha says with that secretive smile, the one Pepper likes instead of the one that gives her the creeps. She curls Pepper’s hair, natural red like always, in her fingers thoughtfully, and tugs a bit.

"Always liked red, though," she continues, and Pepper laughs.

"Well, you got your wish." 

Natasha pauses, and then says something in Russian, her smile softer now. 

Pepper leans in, brushes their mouths together. “I don’t understand Russian,” she breathes into Natasha’s mouth, and presses another kiss against it. 

Natasha purses her lips. “You’re taking a class.”

"You’re not supposed to know that," Pepper says after a moment, slinging a leg over her so shes sitting in her lap. Her skirt rides up, and Natasha places her hands on each of Pepper’s exposed thighs. "You’re definitely not supposed to know that," Pepper says, and sucks a bruise into Natasha’s right breast before squeezing it. "Have you been following me, Miss Romanova?"

"You’re so much better than most interrogation techniques,” Natasha tells her, and drags her into a kiss, and then neither of them talk for a long time.


Here’s a little America/Kamala fancomic I drew for were-duck! Plus a bigger verison of the second panel, which is my favorite part. :)  I’d really love to see these two team up in the comics sometime.

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I got bored and of course I ended up doodling America and then I added Rikki because BROTP why not xD?

Maria is a barista in a coffee shop that Natasha visits regularly. Soon Natasha isn’t visiting for the coffee anymore.


'i promise not to let you get shot on our next date.'